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My 3 Different Priced Hair Dryers Review 2020

best hair dryer review 2017
best hair dryer review 2020

3 Hair Dryer Recommendations Review 2020

today I’m going to launch into a quick little review of 3 different priced hair dryers that i recommend for you guys to use this is the best hair dryers in 2020 list, I’ve been using these 3 different priced hair dryers for the last two years and some of them are little newer than others but over the last two years these had been the dryers that I’ve been using and they’re from three different price points I have a twenty dollar one a 60 dollar one and almost two hundred dollars ones so yeah I’m definitely spanning the different price brackets here because I know that I’m gonna have different viewers in different places that some of them will be looking for one price point some of them will be looking for another so I thought it was fair just throw in all three.


1.Conair ion shine 1875 R

my first one is the conair ion shine 1875 R it has three different speed settings and two heat settings it’s also both ceramic and ionic so plus one for the Heat it’s also a really really lightweight which is great especially if you’re going to be working a lot on your hair and doing a lot of round brushing on top your head because It can get heavy really quickly this is actually the lightest of all the hair dryers I’m going to show you today and it lasts forever it lasted me two and a half years,if you always make sure that you clean it out and keep it lint free then your dryer will actually last you a lot longer, I think it’s really good so if you’re really on a budget you really only have like 20 bucks to spend on a curling iron hairdryer this is definitely the one I would recommend.


2.my hot tools hair dryer

my next one it’s my hot tools it has two heat settings and two speed settings and a full shot button it is true ionic so that means its extra ionic and it has a very concentrated nozzle and between the turbo and the concentrated nozzle it actually dries your hair really quickly and it adds a lot of shine on and keeps a lot of shine either way there’s a lot of shine at the end of the product with this one and I really like that when I went from using the first dryer to this dryer I notice a huge difference because this one dries my hair so much faster and it actually adds a lot more shine and you can actually see the difference in the circumference of the nozzle it’s a lot so this one was definitely a step up from the last one when I started using it I was really really happy it also comes with the concentrator and a diffuser so if you want to use those they are included in it I really love that mine purple and it’s got this cool crepey finish it’s really really pretty I think it was supposed to be limited edition but I did find one online so I’m going to go ahead and link it in the review at about $60 so definitely a step up from the drugstore but you can definitely see that step up in your hair.

the only thing that I wasn’t as big a fan of is that it does get kind of hot I just find that I hold it farther away from my hair and even on the low heat setting it gets pretty hot when used for a long time so I do use the cool button in and out just to help try to keep it a little bit on cooler so it’s not quite as hot on my hair.

3.jose eber infrared hair dryer

the third one is jose eber infrared hair dryer now this one is my sub up as my last price point this one is really interesting first of all you’ve got your standard two speed settings and two heat settings and a cool shot button what’s really cool about this one is that it actually has an infrared light that shines out of it if you saw it in my how I give myself a blow out review you saw the little orange light that goes on my hair it comes out of it and basically what that does is it dries your hair from the inside out which is really really good for your hair it speeds up the drying time so you’re not blowing your hair around as much it also helps to get rid of any chance of a hot spot or burn on your hair which is really really really good and then I love the heat settings on this because this low heat setting is genuinely a low heat setting it’s actually like lukewarm it’s definitely not cold but it’s not hot either I love drying my hair on that one because I really feel like it’s so much better for my hair I get so much more shine and it dries so much faster with it there than with any of my other dryers I just really really really like it so that’s though what it does with that and then it actually has a little blue UV light that shines out of here and what that does is it helps to it’s antimicrobial so it helps to kind of cleanse the hair and to smooth the hair as you go I’ve really noticed is that it dries my hair really well and I love that it’s really not that hot and actually right here does get really hot so if you like to hold your dryer right here you you might want to consider pulling it back cuz right up it does get really hot but when you’re blowing it if you’re blowing from a longer distance it’s really not too hot on your hair but if you do want to be able to heat the hair up to to create a style or whatever you can just pop it onto the top heat setting and hold it a little closer to your hair and it will get it really hot if you want it to so that’s pretty cool.

what I do have to say is it’s pretty heavy it is the heaviest of the three so it’s really a it’s a workout to dry my hair everyday which isn’t a bad thing I mean my could always use more toning but I think that’s only negative I have to say about it it does come with two concentrators it comes with a really little one and a little bit bigger one and then it has a pretty concentrated nozzle so it helps the air to go out this thing it does blow a lot harder than the other two.

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