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Best Laptops Reviews 2020

best laptop reviews

Choosing The Right Laptop For You

at Obama reviews we put about a hundred and fifty laptops through rigorous tests each year that check everything from screen quality to battery life this guide will arm you with expert knowledge to pick the model that best suits your needs. subscribers to our website can access our specific brand recommendations and exclusive product ratings and a list of best laptops reviews and top 10 lists best laptop reviews 2017 most trending laptops and helps you choose the best computers for the best prices.


if this laptop review 2020 was useful to you please share it with your friends, our best laptops reviews surveys show that when shopping one of the first things people consider is “the brand of the PC” as companies offer a much bigger range of brands models and prices.

Mac PCs Vs Windows

with Macs you’ll often pay more but you’ll get an interface that many people find easier to use than Windows and Apple has proven to be the most reliable brand computer on the market for years in our best laptops reviews only 8% of Mac’s needed repair or had a serious problem while PCs range from 12 to 16 percent.

How to choose the right PC for you:

many people choose based on what other gadgets they have and what brand they previously owned the screen size you choose will help determine how much your laptop weighs and costs if you plan to take it with you often go for a smaller size such as a 13-inch these weigh roughly two to four pounds a bigger screen 14 to 16 inches is good for a home office these models are still light enough 3 to 6 pounds to take on the road.

think about what you’re going to use the laptop for for simple things like web surfing email and word processing go for a model with Intel Celeron or Pentium or amd’s a4 processor some come with 2 gigs of memory which can handle those basic tasks but for gigs will work a lot faster if you plan to watch a lot of streaming video. a laptop with v specs will work well as long as your internet connection is fast enough to support video another option for simple tasks is a Chromebook which runs on a simplified operating system and relies on the cloud to store your data and run programs.

Laptop Prices and their characteristics:

expect to pay a hundred and seventy five to three hundred dollars for these types of pcs and Chromebooks if you edit a lot of photos look for the Intel Core i3 or I 5 or AMD a six or a eight processor and at least four gigs of memory for storage most laptops only have room for one drive so you’ll have to choose which suits your needs better the high capacity of a hard drive or the quick performance of a solid-state drive you’ll spend three hundred and fifty to nine hundred dollars if you’re a gamer or you’re editing video and need storage for all your media go for an Intel Core i7 or AMD a10 at least eight gigs of memory and at least one terabyte of storage these will run you one to two thousand dollars.

New laptop trends:

one of the newer trends in laptops is the two-in-one it allows you to also use your laptop as a tablet another trend ultra-lightweight they performed well in our tests and weigh around two pounds but you’ll only get a screen about 12 or 13 inches large if you’re taking your laptop with you you’ll want to consider battery life we test this by continuously cycling through a series of web pages until the battery dies we found there’s a huge range for laptops 3 to 19 hours you want one that will last at least eight check our best laptops reviews recommendations to find out which models last the longest.

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