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Best Trimmers For Lining Hair|barber list 2020

List Of Best Shears For Lining Hair In barber Shops

befor buying a trimmer you should ask your self these questions Are u more comfortable with 1 hair trimmer brand? What are u wanting to achieve? What’s your price range? Can u return them if u don’t like them? These are the things to consider as a barber if youwant to buy an edger/hair trimmer. It’s ok to have multiple. U will find out which ones are your faves.
1 suggestion, regardless of which 1 u buy… If they are cordless and have a Li-ion battery, u want to let them fully die and recharge 5 times. This helps them achieve full battery potential. Also, don’t constantly recharge them between cuts or it will mess up battery life.
One of my faves is the Wahl Cordless Detailer (the one with adjustable blade) bc I can use it on babies or close the blade for sharp edge ups.

keep in mind that the quality of the trim Depends on your skill,the trimmer you are using & your clients hair texture

1.babyliss gold and silver FX

I have had all of them and by far… them babyliss just hit way different..Adrian dickerson

What’s better gold or silver FX?

only if you get the the fx707g2 blade. That blade is better some come with it its about 15 dollars more ,I love my Andis and my good fx but for some reason my detailers have been the go to consistent trimmer my andis cut great but lack power some times it catches or just wind be crispy as I want first tap and my fx takes o e tap has the power n sum just lacks dragg they snag I have two pairs but detailers hit one tap have the strength and I can glide across skin no snagging

2.wahl detailer

Wahl corded & cordless detailer They could be just as good as the Babyliss but more gentle and better than the T-Outliners.

Wahl Detailer with cord vs Andis Styliner 2? Can’t find any guards for Styliner 2.?

I’ve never used a guard on a trimmer but I’ve used both these trimmers and I feel like the detailer hits better out the box But the styliner is great too can’t go wrong with either

3. gammas one hitters

babyliss pro the gold fx ..wahl detailer..gammas one hitters..corded andis t outliners..Hanzo Hitters, best on the market!  Powerful, quiet and razor sharp….Slim line pro Li…tout liner with ceramic blade and gtx blade

4. andis corded t outliner

Make sure you get them sharpened Nd zero gapped

The ceramic from Omni cord works great My t outliner blade got a bit rusty and wanted to order a new one but I noticed there are a couple different kinds nowadays What’s the way to go ? Deeptooth? Gtx I believe? Ceramic? i got the ceramic.

My favorites too are the Andis GTX sawed off with a modified blade!

5.hanzo shears

I’ve had my hanzo for. 5 years without an issue, and off those shears I’ve made over 200k easily, without even thinking I can say that number it’s defiantly higher… I’m not saying buy them I’m just telling you my experience with these shears has been nothing but pleasant… if you look at someone else’s pockets you a flop.. idgaf what the shear company makes I need quality shears to worrry bout my own pocket and that’s what I got powerful quiet and sharp razor

6.slimline pro li

if you want to compare between the slimline pro and the gamma hitters i would say Both one has a lighter touch and slightly more power than the other .. gamma beastly lightweight blade which in my opinion is a little more difficult to set but when. Set they are beastly and the blade is slightly longer than the Slimline blade but the slim lines are more consistent my slim line blade has to be re adjusted alot more than the gammas … I use slim line for balding and gamma alot more on straight hair clients and children.

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  1. brooks barber

    Here we go again. This has been said it to many times. Different hair textures require different tools. What works for some doesn’t work for others. I use both. If your T-liners get hot speed up your work or have a second one always available

    • armando

      Styleliners ll from andis works on both hair types and doesn’t get hot.

      • brooks barber

        I still have an old styliner ll & love it. But the new ones I just don’t know what happened I had 2 & didn’t like them like the old model.

  2. toney

    Yo what T outliner best for grooming mustache/beard?

    • dareo

      Or andis slimline pro

    • ben

      For just personal use id just get a corded t outliner or detailer

    • anthony

      Babyliss gold fx

  3. will

    I got brand new wahl cordless detailers for 105 shipped . They retail for 160-170

  4. michael

    I need the best edgers/ trimmers out there and go?

    • eddie

      Silver fx trimmer babyliss graphite blade

    • bryan

      Babybliss skeletons good luck finding some

    • robenson

      You just have to spend the money and try different tools.. what one barber loves another barber might hate..

    • stephen

      Monster99 made by caliber

  5. antonio

    38 Special by Caliper
    Dude came in the shop to demo them last year! Haven’t touched my andis t outliner since!

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