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How To Choose The Best Perfume For Men 2020

How To Choose The Best Perfume For Men 2017
How To Choose The Best Perfume For Men 2017


8 Essential tips To Choosing The Right Perfume For You


The other day I got a great email that is the inspiration for this post the subject is I don’t want to smell like a teenage boy anymore this just goes to show you that if you want to get my attention you got to have a good subject line and I loved it so anyway this sparked my interest so I read further it says hey I’m 23 years old I’ve worn Axe body spray since middle school graduated and I’d like to start wearing real Cologne my problem is that there are so many different kinds of men perfumes and I just don’t know how to choose my perfume and where to start, do I have any tips on picking out a new men perfume or a cologne.

this is a great question and after speaking about the best way to choose a blow dryer finaly I get the opportunity to help somebody overcome an “axe body spray addiction”, choosing a new men perfume 2017 can be a daunting test because there is a tremendous amount of various options and if you don’t have a strategy going into picking out a new men perfume or fragrance you’re gonna leave “fragrance-less”,frustrated and with a pounding headache.

Best place to buy perfume from

so today I thought we’d take a little bit of time and list a few tips on picking out your new signature scent so in order to go choose that men perfume in 2017 you’ll usually just gonna go hit the kiosk in the mall where there is some dude who’s trying to chase you down and spray you down with something I don’t think it’s perfume but it’s something you’r not sure exactly what it is. instead you gonna have to go to a department store this is what I would recommend as the best place to buy perfume from because it’s unlike shops that sells perfume besides makeup because these sales associates are all over the place so they’re not going to be as specialized and knowledgeable as the people selling men perfume and fragrances in a department store.

How To Choose the right perfume for you

so what you will do is you walk into a department store and follow your nose because you’re going to smell the fragrance department all right you go.. you’re there.. what are you gonna do? are you just gonna start popping caps and sniffing and squirting spritzing! No, you’re gonna make a beeline to a sales associate before you pit don’t I know that their fragrance are tempting you all along the way they’re like hey smell me, look at my bottle I look pretty nice and masculine and you’re tempted you’re like ooh let me try this! just wait and resist the urge go make a beeline to that Sales Associate and tell them what you’re looking for.

“Hey there excuse me uh yeah I’m looking for a new scent something I’m not really sure but the fact is I want to smell delicious it’s going to be my signature scent and I’m looking for you to help me find it”

Ask 3 Questions

the fact is you’re going up you’re asking them you’re saying hey I’m looking for help finding a new scent and I have no idea what I’m looking for but there are three questions that help you get started and let the smelling begin

question number one what’s new? the sales associate actually show you what’s the latest thing to come out this is great it lets you smell knowing that you’re going to be one of the first people to actually have a scent and that’s kind of cool.

question number two is what’s popular now this question has an upside and a downside the upside is that if it’s popular that means that a lot of people are buying it which means chances are you’re going to like the men perfume and it’s going to smell great the downside to that is that a lot of people are buying it and loving it meaning that you’re going to smell like almost everybody else the upside is that you make sure you get to choose an excellent men perfume and you make sure you are in a good place to start.

question number three which is perfect -if the sales associate is a single and attractive-  ask him”what’s your favorite perfume? what’s your favorite scent what do you like out all these, what’s your favorite?”

trust me nine times out of 10 they’re going to get the ball rolling and help you and then you stick by their side let them bring and choose the perfumes for you and you get their experience about men perfumes. and while he’s picking the perfume for you don’t just be like “what’s that!” just because you think the bottle looks sexy ,that is the wrong way to pick out a fragrance.

find the right perfume

Some Other Men Perfume Choosing Tips

some other perfume selection tips don’t spray anything on you all right! you’re going to spray it on that little strip and what you will do is you’re going to wave it close to your nose to get to smell it and when you’re done and want to switch to another men perfume make sure you smell some coffee beans there’s always coffee laying around this is to help cleanse your senses, then you move on.

what to do after you find the ONE?

the next thing we are going to talk about in this best perfume for men in 2020 post is when you find one that you really like what I want you to do is remember it and leave the store go walk around the mall for about 20-30 minutes the reason is because your senses are on smelling overdrive I want you to walk around have a chance to clean your senses before going back and making that decision after about 30 minutes go back go to that men perfume you chose don’t smell anything else smell it if you still love it that’s the one for you.

all right so you got your scent you’re ready to make the purchase now you’ve got to decide which size bottle to buy now be ready because there is a degree of “sticker shock” since there is almost nothing such as a cheap good quality men perfume.


Why it is important to choose the Perfume bottle size?

the way that I do it I buy the small bottle first generally and I know that this is wrong and I know that I’m wasting money doing that because if you actually do a cost comparison the larger bottle always works out to a better price and it’s a simple equation.  you take the price and you divide it by the number of ounces and this is going to give you the dollar amount per ounce and then do the big bottle of perfume divide it by the price how many ounces you get it’s always generally going to be about five to ten dollars cheaper per ounce in the big bottle but the way that I see it I’m like alright I’m buying a new men perfume yes I’m probably wasting money but I’m going to buy the smaller bottle where it tested because I have had situations where I went out I bought a perfume I got it home I started wearing I’m like I’m not really digging this as much as I thought I did and so you know I wasn’t as mad at myself wasting $60 if I would have wasted 80 or 85 but I’m an idiot, so if you’re looking to save money buy the big bottle and if you’r not so sure about the perfume and it’s your first time i recommend you go for the smaller bottle.


hopefully this helped, it is the most logical way that I have come up with and developed this is the best strategy for men perfume selection. go to a department store find an associate ask them their opinion, and smell some bottles that they like. gentlemen it’s simple and I think you’re going to find it’s the most effective and non nauseating way to choose the right perfume in 2017.

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  1. great tips i just like to point that Many of the new colognes have been announced but not released yet i can’t wait to try the new ones!

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    Avoid the cards the department store provides to smell the colognes. They enable you to only smell the top notes and not how it smells

  3. marlin

    to all their perfumes. Ralph Lauren perfumes, for instance, are made to have a family of familiar scents. If you’ve worn one for a decade, the newest Polo perfumes should feel comfortable to you, even if it’s not the same scent you are accustomed to.

  4. mark

    i agree , my perfume defines my personality and who i am , if you get to choose it right it’s gonna be amazing for you and your partner

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    thanks for the tips bro

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    any new tips on 2020 perfumes for my husband ?

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