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Water vs Sugary Drinks| Whats the best drink for human Body?

People love sugary drinks but, in terms of nutritional value, these beverages really fizzle out. experts explains why it’s wise to stick with water.


People love sugary drinks. In fact, they account for roughly 7% of all the calories consumed in the United States. But in terms of nutritional value, they really fizzle out. Most have little or no nutritional value at all. Here are some reasons you’ll want to skip the soda fountain and head to the water fountain. Hydrate and feel great. Boost your mood. People who stay hydrated tend to be in a better mood. Keep your cool. Water is like an instant air conditioner. Drinking more of it allows you to sweat more, helping your body keep cool and avoid overheating. Keep headaches bottled up by drinking a bottle down. Dehydration can cause headaches. Put out that fire. Fight a fever. When you’re sick, drinking water can limit the rise in your body’s temperature. On your mark, get set, H2O.

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